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Imagine it’s the year 2025 

People in New York and London are starving to death. There is anarchy on the streets of Paris and Rome. Millions in the Pacific and Asia are dying from flood and hurricane. Everywhere people FINALLY agree that something must be done about food security.  But it is too late. 6 billion people will starve.


Famine in the West explains what needs to be done and why. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to safeguard the future of their children and grandchildren.

Written by a Yorkshire Farmer, this controversial new book describes how the West will soon depend on the Middle East and Russia for its food in the sense that the oil and gas so essential for food production will come from there.





    Jonathon Porritt and David Richardson quotes
    Jonathon Porritt and David Richardson quotes 


The price for the E version is £2.99. You can pay:

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  • 32,000 word Ebook
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