Intact Harvesting

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Some people have requested more information on the intact harvester and the thinking behind it. Here is the 30 minute version, but remember a 2 minute alternative is available.

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John Gossop explains about Peak Food, and why there will be a Famine in the West

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In this video John Gossop, author of Famine in the West, explains about Peak Food and why there will soon be food shortages.

What is Peakfood, and why will there be Famine in the West? Approx. 5 minutes

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February 28th, 2008 at 6:36 pm
[...] He has also produced a video explaining why there will soon be food shortages which can be seen on his website [...]

How intact harvesting will improve Food Security

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Due to popular demand Peakfood is pleased to present to present a 2 minute video to explain how intact harvesting will:

  • improve food security so that we can feed a growing population when oil and gas supplies dwindle or are suddenly disrupted through Middle East wars, terrorist attacks or extreme weather
  • reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and their sometimes unreliable and unfriendly suppliers
  • help to tackle climate change
  • improve profits for cereal farmers

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