Peak Food Famine in the West by 2025? Thu, 05 Jun 2008 11:08:18 +0000 en Peak Food in Wrights Register This month Wrights Register have printed an article by Peak Food entitled, Farming in the Greenhouse on their climate change page (p16): It isn't surprising that so many people are still skeptical of climate change in spite of overwhelming evidence that proves warming is happening. Denial is after ... World Food Conference At last world leaders seem to have realised that we are facing a food crisis, but it has taken rising prices to alert them. Unfortunatly, they seem to think that it will be easy to increase production by using the same methods that have allowed the world population to triple in ... Fertility and Peak Food >???????? ????? ????????he world tries to grow more food and biofuels, the problem of raising the availability of inputs becomes clearer. Last year I bought nitrogen fertiliser in July for £145/tonne with payment the following January. Yesterday I was told that I would be allowed just 70% of last years tonnage ... Will biofuels bring on Peak Food? There has been a food versus fuel debate going on, with green campaigners asking for a moratorium on all biofuel targets until sustainability criteria are in place. This is understandable given that one result of the high demand for biofuels is the destruction of rain forests in order to grow Palm ... First Famine in the Wests sold to Sweden Peak Food thanks Mr Hellstrand and Mr Ohlsson both from Kil  for being the first people from Sweden to buy a copy of Famine in the West.  We hope you enjoy it, Mr Hellstrand and Mr Ohlsson! The Peak Oil - Peak Food link There are many reasons why food production cannot keep up with population growth in the medium and long term such as loss of land, water shortages, improved diets and the use of cropland for biofuel production; but a real problem is modern farming's huge dependence on finite resources including oil ... First Famine in the West sold to Canada Peak Food thanks Mr Cloutier of Winnipeg for being the first person in Canada to buy a copy of Famine in the West.  We hope you enjoy it, MrCloutier! John Gossop writes on Food Security in Farmers Weekly Last week (April 18th 2008) Farmers Weekly printed a comment by Peak Food writer, John Gossop, on their Talking Point page.   Can't Produce Food if Fuel Tanks are Empty (435 words long) explains how one of the greatest dangers to world food security is a sudden shortage of fossil fuels.  Some of David Richardson's ... Grangemouth Oil Refinery Strike could cause Panic Today the government is asking the media to tell listeners and readers not to panic buy fuel because of the Grangemouth oil refinery strike.   But surely, asking people not to panic buy will have exactly the opposite effect.  People who had not considered panicking will do so now. This is just ... First Famine in the West sold to Mexico Peak Food thanks Mr Del Valle of Mexico State for being the first person in South America to buy a copy of Famine in the West.  We hope you enjoy it, Mr Del Valle!