Eating the Kids’ Food Inheritance

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It has become fashionable for people to say that they are going SKI ing (acronym for Spending the Kids’ Inheritance), often by taking equity from their house and spending it on holidays etc.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, they earned it or more likely gained it through house price inflation.  Now though, governments are taking on unimaginable amounts of debt that is in effect stealing from our children’s future and bequeathing them a less prosperous life.

Yes, our children could probably cope with less prosperity, but they will struggle to deal with inheriting an Earth with a changed climate and food production system dependent on the use of resources that have been depleted by previous generations.

The twentieth century started with 1.5 billion people.  We are now close to 7 billion and will pass 8 billion around 2028. This has been possible only because we found ways to convert cheap, plentiful fossil energy in to food energy. On average it now takes about 10 fossil calories, in the form of oil and gas to deliver 1 calorie of food energy.  As these resources are finite, they must become scarce and expensive at some time and then the fossil energy based food system will fail, resulting in famine.

The present food system also consumes vast amounts of mined phosphate and potash fertilizers instead of recycling nutrients back to the soil. Ancient aquifers are being depleted to irrigate crops in dry areas. Many of these aquifers, from America to India are close to empty.

How will future generations judge us baby-boomers, the babies born in the post- second world war years when soldiers returned home and birth rates in the West shot up?  We lived through a period of relative peace and unprecedented prosperity. We enjoyed the swinging sixties, travelled the world and ate and drank in a way that kings would have envied.  In so doing, we plundered and damaged the Earth and built up massive debt.

The thing that they will be unable to understand is that when we realised what was happening we were unwilling to change. We want to live as we do a little longer and to hell with the kids. Some people would call it Gordon Brown mentality.

Famine Author at LAMMA

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John Gossop, author of Famine in the West and attended LAMMA recently as the guest of Nationwide Diamond Concrete.  During the first day of the show he spoke to many farmers about peakfood and the future threats to food production.  Copies of his book were sold at a special show price of £5.99 .

Buy Famine in the West Ebook

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Imagine it’s the year 2025 

People in New York and London are starving to death. There is anarchy on the streets of Paris and Rome. Millions in the Pacific and Asia are dying from flood and hurricane. Everywhere people FINALLY agree that something must be done about food security.  But it is too late. 6 billion people will starve.


Famine in the West explains what needs to be done and why. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to safeguard the future of their children and grandchildren.

Written by a Yorkshire Farmer, this controversial new book describes how the West will soon depend on the Middle East and Russia for its food in the sense that the oil and gas so essential for food production will come from there.





    Jonathon Porritt and David Richardson quotes
    Jonathon Porritt and David Richardson quotes 


The price for the E version is £2.99. You can pay:

  •  on line via paypal account or credit card
  • by cheque   

  • 32,000 word Ebook
  • PDF that automatically opens in Adobe Reader which you can download for freeon line via paypal account or credit card
  • sent to you via email within 48 hours of purchase

If you would prefer a printed copy of the book click here

What you are buying:   

Famine in the West in the Goole Times

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Yesterday the Goole Times printed an interview with John Gossop, author of and Famine in the West.

Peak Food author John Gossop  in Goole Times

This is the full article:

Farmer becomes famine author

A farmer from Swinefleet Common has called upon his literary skills to help him in a bid to warn the public that the West could face a famine as a secure future for food provision looks uncertain.

John Gossop (62) is normally known for selling potatoes, carrots and onions by the bag, but recently turned his hand to writing by penning the book Famine in the West, after fears that there could soon be food shortages.

John said: “My book describes how farming became dependent on oil and gas, gives more detail on the many threats to security, and lists the actions I feel need to be taken immediately.

“Lots of people have noticed food prices are rising, but this is nothing compared to what lies ahead.”

According to John, if next year’s harvests are poor (perhaps because of severe drought or other extreme weather) prices are going to rise further, perhaps leading to food shortages even in the West.

“This is because world carry-over stocks are dangerously low and world population is rocketing at a time when oil and gas reserves are falling,” added John.

“Basically we are going to have less energy to make food, but more people to feed.”

John added that most of the land that is suitable is already used for crops of some kind. We are losing 25 million acres of agricultural land each year through the building of new cities, roads and industrial infrastructure, and through desertification and soil erosion.

Many more millions of acres of land that was previously used to grow food is now used to produce renewable fuels such as ethanol or bio diesel.

To order your copy of Famine in the West, priced at £6.49 + £1.49 postage and packing contact 01430 410521. The first two Goole Times readers to quote “Goole Times” when ordering a copy can collect a free four-stone bag of mixed potatoes, carrots and onions from John’s farm and will not pay for the book’s postage.

Hilary Benn MP: ‘Famine in the West’ very interesting

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Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State, says ‘the points raised by John Gossop on this topic in his book “Famine in the West” are very interesting.  In al letter of 9th September 2007 he tells us he has ‘passed a copy to Defra policy officials for them to read.’

Hilary Benn letter to Peak Food about food shortages

Hilary Benn MP letter to Peak Food about food shortages

We look forward to their comments.

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